• The Dark Side of Wines: Syrah or Shiraz

    The Dark Side of Wines: Syrah or Shiraz

    SYRAH ORIGINS Syrah is a crossing of more obscure varieties, the red grape Dureza (from the Ardèche region in the Rhone Valley of Southern France) and the white grape Mondeuse Blanche (cultivated in the Savoie, or Savoy, region of Eastern France). It’s birthplace is the famed Hermitage AOC in the northern Rhone, where an almost…

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  • Tempranillo: The Iberian one

    Tempranillo: The Iberian one

    TEMPRANILLO ORIGINS Tempranillo, a red variety native to Northern Spain, comes from the spanish word ‘temprano’ which means ‘early’ – named after it’s tendency to ripen early. Depending on weather conditions, it can be harvested several weeks before other red grapes. Is it fair to say that this variety represents the essence of Spanish red wine.…

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  • The most planted: Cabernet Sauvignon

    The most planted: Cabernet Sauvignon

    CABERNET SAUVIGNON The Cabernet Sauvignon grape descends from the crossing of two French varieties: Cabernet Franc, a red grape, and Sauvignon Blanc, a white grape. It is the most famous red grape and also the most planted in the entire world. Since it ripens late, it tends to be planted in warmer areas to allow…

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