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Olives Mix 2,90€

Gordal Olives with a spicy touch and Green Olives on Lemon 

Burratina Salad 6,50€

With endives, cherry tomatoes and truffle oil

Marinated Anchovies 7,50€

Perfect combination between Anchovies & ‘Boquerones’ with roasted red bell peppers and giant capers

Mushroom Pâté 4,50€

Pan-fried mushrooms with garlic, onion, parsley and thyme pâté with red pickled onion and organic almond flour

Shot of Salmorejo 1,90€

Tomatoes and gluten free breadcrumbs cream with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt

Tomato Carpaccio 5,50€

Fresh valencia tomato, homemade pesto and crispy Cured Mahón 

(30 months)

Tangy Rucola, Nectarine and Ham Salad 5,80€ 

With our homemade lemon vinaigrette and mini pickled onions

Vivinos Bravas 3,20€

Baked baby potatoes and homemade aioli sauce

Padrón Green Peppers with Chistorra 4,50€


Tartiflette with our cheese of the week 6,50€

Baby potatoes sauteed with butter, bacon, onions, au gratin and cheese (just ask out waiters!)

Camenbert fondue 9,00€

Warmed camembert drizzled with honey and crunchy hazelnuts

Fresh bread with Tomato 1,90€

House special


Ganache Surprise  4,40€

Creamy chocolate ganache with sea salt flakes, extra virgin olive oil and crunchy hazelnuts

Romeo and Juliet 3,80€

Soft Mahon Cheese with Spanish Quince Paste


Pedro Ximénez Nectar Glass 4,50€

Marshmallow 5,80€

With coconut milk, pomegranate liqueur, fresh raspberries and vodka

Summer Sandy 5,80€

Homemade watermelon syrup, lime juice, fresh basil and tequila

Mangoron 5,80€

Homemade mango puree, limoncello, Ron Arehucas and lime juice

Brockored 5,80€

Homemade red fruit puree, peach liqueur, lemon juice and Genebra Brockmans

Apple me! 5,80€

Fresh apple juice, homemade applesauce, lime juice and Jack Daniels

Pineapple 5,80€

Fresh pineapple, lemon juice, Aperol, peach liqueur and vodka


Served with fresh bread, fruit, nuts and jams.

Simply choose from the menu or ask one of our sommeliers for their recommendation

Selection of four  15,80€

With fresh bread, fruit, nuts and jams

Selection of six  21,50€

With fresh bread, fruit, nuts and jams


Brie de Meaux, Meaux (Cow) 6,20€

Truffled Brie, Meaux (Cow) 7,50€

Brillat Savarin, Normandy (Cow) 5,90€

Comté 30 months, Jura (Cow) 7,50€

Gouda 30 months, Netherlands (Cow) 6,20€

Taleggio Reserve, Italy (Cow) 5,90€

Creamy Gorgonzola, Italy (Cow) 6,20€


Mahón Semi, Menorca (Cow) 5,90€

Mahón Cured Chopped 24 months, Menorca (Cow) 7,20€

Blau de l’Avi Ton, Catalonia (Goat) 6,50€

Torta de Casar, Cáceres (Sheep) 3,90€

Serrat, Catalan Pyrenees (Sheep) 4,50€

Manchego Cheese Cream, La Mancha (Sheep) 4,50€

Rodó Cendrat, Catalonia (Goat) 7,80€

Briqueta, Malaga (Goat) 4,90€

Payoyo, Cadiz (Goat) 3,90€

Idiazabal, Navarra (Sheep) 5,80€


Selection of hand made Iberian Sausages 15,00€

Iberian Ham, Chorizo, Salchichon, Lomo and Fuet

Ham Tasting Board 17,50€

Acorn-fed Iberian Ham, Cebo de Campo Ham, Serrano Ham

Acorn-fed Iberian Ham 12,50€

Iberian Cebo de Campo Ham 9,90€

Chorizo 6,90€

Salchichón 5,80€

Iberian Lomo 7,90€

Fuet 4,70€